Upgrade Your Imagination-Youth Outreach inspires youth to Think Big, Set Goals, and Follow Through in new and exciting ways. This creative process exposes youth to a greater expression of life. Youth will acquire new skills and knowledge that can be used daily to upgrade their imagination and their actions.

Our Goal is to provide youth with creative exposure to their Dreams, College, Careers and Entrepreneurship with the Upgrade Your Imagination Dream Box. Filled with various activities and exercises that can be incorporated to build family support, healthy behaviors and future dreams.

Upgrade Your Imagination 4-book series listed below:

Upgrade Your Imagination (Youth to Dreams) books are designed for youth to complete exercises that clearly reflects their dreams and goals they wish to create. The exercises are completed with pictures, images, and positive words that best describes and symbolize the future youth wish to create. The exercises allow youth to Imagine their dreams, Create their future and watch it Shine.

Upgrade Your Imagination (Youth to Careers) books are designed to educate youth with a network of support and career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. Youth to Careers provides innovative tools to support career exploration, resume preparation and interview skill techniques.


Upgrade Your Imagination (Youth to Entrepreneurship) books are designed to assist youth in taking steps to Entrepreneurship. Youth will learn to be Creators, Planners, Innovators, and Leaders. They’re provided exercises to show them how to be Ambitious, Motivated, and Determined to create their future.

The 3-book series offers an effective method of learning, developing, and team building exercises to symbolize the future youth wish to create. Communities benefit by exposing youth to new opportunities, ideas, and the power of their minds. We encourage you to support by purchasing the Upgrade Your Imagination Dream Box-4-book series. This provides a pathway for our future generation and generations to come. 

If you or your organization is interested in purchase of the Upgrade Your Imagination Youth Dream Box-3-book series please purchase below:    





                                               3 Book Series-$49.95